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The RISE Directory is a national directory of Clinical Supervisors for Social Workers. This is a community where Clinical Supervisors are supported and equipped with the training and tools they need to help the next generation of clinical Social Workers grow!

Members have access to exclusive workshops, tools and resources for clinical supervision, and peer consultation.

The RISE Directory is so value driven we named ourselves after our values!


  • Relationships.
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  • Empowering
    the next generation.


For any Social Worker who strives to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) to provide therapy or advance their career then they will need to complete up to 4,000 hours of supervised Social Work experience underneath another licensed professional. 

Clinical Supervision is the foundation of effective and ethical mental health services in the U.S. 

Up until this point Supervisees who are seeking a Clinical Supervisor have been forced to rely on their own limited personal networks or worse, an internet search.



Some Social Workers seeking supervision are fortunate to have Clinical Supervision provided by their employer. However, this may pose a few problems for many, many Social Workers. Here are there most common problems that Social Workers seeking Clinical Supervision experience:

  1. Clinical Supervision is not offered at their place of employment.
  2. There is a possibility of conflict of interest with having their Clinical Supervisor also as their direct boss. This may limit how vulnerable they can be and the quality of learning.
  3. The Clinical Supervisor may not have the correct license to supervise the Social Worker for the full hours they need for licensure. For example, in California only a portion of your hours can be supervised by a mental health professional that is NOT a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).
  4. The Clinical Supervisor may not have the expertise they require to meet their professional career goals. For example, if they are working in a medical setting and they want to learn how to provide couples therapy.
  5. The employer provided supervisor may overall not be a good fit, may be traumatizing the supervisee, or is no longer available. For example, this person may contribute to supervisees’ traumatization or may even be detrimental to their coping and mental health.

It is vital Social Workers seeking Clinical Supervision know their options when it comes to their Clinical Supervisor. This is the foundation of their clinical career and the mental health of the most vulnerable populations depends on clinicians who have quality training and supervision.


There are over 26,000 Master of Social Work (MSW) graduates from schools of Social Work each year with this number projected to grow year after year.

Most of these social workers have the goal of becoming a LCSW.

For the reasons above if you are an LCSW your supervision services are needed to help the next generation of Social Workers grow!


How do I get Started offering Clinical Supervision?

It’s often pretty simple to become a Clinical Supervisor once you are a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Some states will allow other mental health professions (LPC, LMFT, etc.) to supervise Social Workers as well.
Click here to check your state for specific requirements.


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As a monthly or yearly member you get access to workshops and tools that help you grow in your clinical skills 

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Follow Up!

The individuals listed are not endorsed by RISE Directory and are listed upon their request. All of the information is provided by the supervisor that attested by agreement to its accuracy. If you would like additional information or notice a discrepancy with the information provided, please directly contact the supervisor listed. If you have any concerns or issues involving supervision, please contact your local licensing board for any questions or reporting.

I agree that it is my responsibility alone to select and confirm a supervisor that meets the requirements of my state and required license type. I agree it is my responsibility to track my state’s supervision requirements and not the responsibility of RISE Directory.

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