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Clinical Supervisor Directory is born

As a Clinical Supervisor, you are relying on your own limited networks to share about your offering for clinical supervision; which limits your impact and income. You may have wondered:

Where do I find people who are in need of my unique skill sets?

I have the availability but how do I market my services?

Where can I find other qualified supervisors to fill in when I need my own self-care time and cannot supervise?

Where do I refer to when I’m at capacity or not a good fit?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work to join as a Supervisor?

You will sign up and complete your profile, include only areas that you feel is important to you as a person and clinician. Once this is complete, people who are looking for supervisors will be able to find you and reach out to you directly, no need to go through a third party vendor.


How is the RISE Directory different from other directories?

The RISE Directory highlights the diverse and multi-passionate individual that you are! In addition to professional experience you can highlight languages, cultures, lived experiences, and populations you specialize in.

You will have access to exclusive training and professional development that will enhance your personal branding and business practices to enhance your success and impact. (Coming Soon)

You determine how new supervisees contact you and how you build rapport before connection is ever made.

You maintain 100% control; no platform determining your fees, you control how you run your business.


How much does it cost to join?

To be included in the RISE Directory and have access to exclusive professional development trainings, it is only $19.99/month or $240/year while we are perfecting and expanding the serving capacity. When we start offering ongoing trainings, more tools, support groups, and consultations the price will go up but not for you if you join now!


What is the benefit to joining now as a founding member?

There’s quite a few benefits!

  1. You will keep the original price point when you sign on!
  2. As a founding member, you have the opportunity to participate in surveys and act as an ambassador to help shape the platform for future generations!
  3. As a founding member, there are less people in the directory which means your future supervisees can find you easier!


Is it only for Social Workers?

No, while the founder is a social worker and clinical social workers are the RISE Directory’s primary focus, any licensed mental health clinician can join.


What state(s) do you cover?

Right now our directory is open to all 50 US states with plans to expand in the future.

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Follow Up!

The individuals listed are not endorsed by RISE Directory and are listed upon their request. All of the information is provided by the supervisor that attested by agreement to its accuracy. If you would like additional information or notice a discrepancy with the information provided, please directly contact the supervisor listed. If you have any concerns or issues involving supervision, please contact your local licensing board for any questions or reporting.

I agree that it is my responsibility alone to select and confirm a supervisor that meets the requirements of my state and required license type. I agree it is my responsibility to track my state’s supervision requirements and not the responsibility of RISE Directory.

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